New Guidelines for Varsity Club 2020 Season - Please Read

  • You and your guest must always wear masks or face coverings in public/common areas of the stadium, including upon entry into the stadium.
  • You and your guest must always observe social distancing of at least six feet in public/common areas from other members inside the club.
  • Leon County Emergency Ordinance No. 20-15 generally requires all persons over the age of six (6) to wear a mask or face covering while in a business establishment.
  • Anyone with a compromised Immune System or COPD is strongly encouraged to stay home.
  • Please understand due to the social distancing requirements – there will be no migrating between floors. 
  • DUE TO COVID-19 OUR CAPACITY LIMITATIONS – there will only 25 members in at a time.
  • Each member is still allowed to have their (1) guest.
  • Please register only (1) membership – this automatically includes your guest.
  • FSU Varsity Club Skybox Seat Holders DO NOT REGISTER ON THIS EVENT

Due to the limited amount of members we are allowed to have in the club at any given time, you will need to pre-register for your time inside the club.  We are separating the times from Pre-Game thru the end of half time.

  • We will allow (25) members in at a time on a quarter basis.  With (5) minutes left on the clock during Pre-Game and each quarter, we will ask those members and their guest to leave the club so that we may clean the tables and bar in between visitors.
  • To register – here is the link: FSU v. UNC - 10/17/2020
  • A new link for each game will be e-mailed out and posted on social media, as well as the website for each game.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to e-mail Betsy Hosey at