The SodTalk connects Seminole Legends with Seminole fans at FSU's Sod Cemetary.



November 28, 2017

National Champions Kez McCorvey and Ken Alexander unveil new Victory Sod on Saturday at SodTalk

Seminole National Champions Kez McCorvey and Ken Alexander will unveil the new Victory Sod from Steve Spurrier-Field in an Open Casket Viewing this Saturday at 11a.m. at SodTalk at the Sod Cemetery. Kickoff is at 12:05 p.m.

Wide receiver Kez McCorvey and linebacker Ken Alexander lead FSU to a remarkable record of 54-7-1 over five years. In addition to the 1993 National Championship, they won FSU’s first three ACC Championships and won the Blockbuster, Sugar, Orange (2) and Cotton Bowl Championships. Their ACC record was 24-0. FSU finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th ( 3 times) during their FSU careers.

Kez McCorvey, originally from Gautier, Mississippi, came to FSU in 1990 and lead the 1993 National Champions with 74 receptions as Charlie Ward’s favorite target. He became a 1st Team All American in 1994 and finished his career as the second leading pass reception leader in Seminole football history with 189 catches. He had 16 TD receptions and six games with more than 100 yards in receptions. He was an NFL receiver with the Detroit Lions for three seasons. Today he is the Leon/Gadsden Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Head Football Coach at St. John Paul II High School in Tallahassee.

Ken Alexander came to FSU from Austin, Texas in 1990 and would team with fellow linebackers Marvin Jones and Derrick Brooks to create some of the best defenses in FSU history. His 285 career tackles placed him 14th in Seminole history after his senior season. In the 1993 National Championship year he was an Honorable Mention All-American and an Academic All-American. The NCAA honored him with its prestigious NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship. He graduated from the FSU Law School and today is an attorney in Tallahassee.

The SodTalk Legends will be available for autographs at 10:30 a.m. and will talk with Seminole fans at 11 a.m. at the Sod Cemetery, located between the Bobby Bowden Statue and Dick Howser Stadium

For more information, contact Jim Hunt at or Doug Mannheimer at

July 29, 2017

SodTalk Legends and friends, Hello! I wanted to share with you a new link to wonderful work prepared by our FSU Hall of Fame Committee Historian, Bob Peronne.

On the link below, you can choose any of our 105 Sod Game Victories and then click the date. You will see a detailed game summary and game statistics. "Stats don't lie" and you Legends did pretty well for us!

We hope to have this information soon linked on and so that our fans and former players can see it, too.

Bob's volunteer website,, has amazing game summaries, team stats, box scores, articles, and all of your individual statistics, if you have never visited it.

Thanks to Bob! And when you come for any home games, let me know in advance, and come by the Sod Cemetery so that I can give you a Shout Out at SodTalk, 90 minutes before all home games.



For additional information, email Doug Mannheimer at or call at (850) 519-1716.

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