Don "Doc" Fauls Award


The Doc Fauls Award was established in 1999 and recognizes the senior Seminole Athlete that has overcome the most adversity to participate in athletics for Florida State University.

About Don "Doc" Fauls

As the Head Athletic Trainer at Florida State University from 1954-1986, Don Fauls had the opportunity to touch the lives of many. He consistently treated each and everyone in an honest, professional manner and was always willing to take the necessary time to help the athletes through the physical and emotional pain that often came with participation in intercollegiate athletics. Today, we remember the man who personified the true Seminole Spirit each and every day.


2016 Ceremony 

Derrick Mitchell and Dr. Bill Thompson

About Derrick

 Derrick injured his back in the summer of 2012. After redshirting the 2011 season he faced missing the 2012 season after undergoing surgery to alleviate symptoms of a herniated lumbar disk. He rehabbed well and returned to the field for the spring of 2013. He then played in 8 games in his first year on the field, helping the team to the 2013 BCS National Championship. In 2014 Derrick started in 10 games while the Seminoles continued their school record 29 game win streak on the way to their appearance in the first College Football Playoff. Back injuries require constant maintenance, especially when playing a position like defensive tackle. Despite his diligent effort, his chronic low back injury caused Derrick to miss the final 5 games of his career as a Seminole in 2015. Throughout his battle with low back pain and many other injuries along the way, Derrick remained a dedicated, driven, and supportive teammate .

Blyss Harkness and Dr. Bill Thompson

About Blyss

Blyss arrived at Florida State as a walk on in fall of 2012. After competing her freshman season Blyss suffered a labral tear to her right hip and would undergo surgery. Returning from this surgery to a demanding sport like beach volleyball is no easy task in the least. She was forced to medically redshirt her sophomore season but remained focused and determined to overcome the adversity and challenges facing her to make a return to competition her junior year. Blyss has continued to work hard everyday to keep her body strong enough to compete at her highest level. During her garnet and gold match just a week for the season Blyss subluxed her extensor carpi ulnaris tendon. Persevering through extreme pain she finished the match. Willing to push through the pain to compete to her highest ability for her final season as a Seminole, it is my belief that Blyss Harkness is the ideal candidate for the Don Fauls Award.

2015 Ceremony

Paul Madzivire, Kent Knisley and Dr. Bill Thompson

Maddie O’Brien, Kent Knisley and Dr. Bill Thompson

Paul Madzivire, Maddie O’Brien, Kent Knisley and Dr. Bill Thompson



2014 Ceremony

Justin Gonzalez ,Kent Knisley and Dr. Bill Thompson

Tiffani Brown,Kent Knisley and Dr. Bill Thompson


2013 Ceremony

Morgan Toles and Dr. Bill Thompson

Chris Thompson and Dr. Bill Thompson


2012 Ceremony

Jessica Price and Dr. Bill Thompson

2011 Ceremony

Robin Ahrberg and Eunice Hernandez

2010 Ceremony

Kendrick Stewart, John Slaton and Randy Oravetz.

Brianna Barry, John Slaton and Randy Oravetz.



2016 Blyss Harkness, Derrick Mitchell                                               
2015 Jarred "Scooter" Haggins, Paul Madzivire and Maddie O'Brien

Justin Gonzalez, Tiffani Brown


Morgan Toles, Chris Thompson 


Jessica Price, David Spurlock


Robin Ahrberg, Ryan McMahon


Brianna Barry, Kendrick Stewart


Darius McClure, Sarah Wagenfuhr


Jacky Claude, Shante Williams


 Darrell Burston, Ali Mims


Andrew Wilson, Laquinta Neely